10 Bizarre facts about sharks that you would never know!

10 Bizarre facts about sharks that you would never know!

From glowing underwater to self-induced pregnancies sharks are fascinating and weird creatures. Here are ten strange facts about sharks: 

1.) While the average human lifespan only amount to about 74 years, sharks tend to live their lives up to one hundred years in the ocean!

2.) The Whale Shark is credited with the ability to lay the largest egg in the world. Fourteen inches was the measurement of the egg and it was found near the Gulf of Mexico!

3.) Human beings can last around 30 days without eating before their internal system collapses. Sharks on the other hand are estimated to fast about 6 weeks every year. Also, the record for a shark’ starvation is over 15 months.

4.) While humans develop and lose their baby teeth only once in a life time, the shark has a cycle that generates new teeth building and replacement every eight to ten days.

5.) The shark is considered to be one of the most feared creatures by humans. Yet, it is believed that more people are killed by dogs, pigs, and deer then there are by sharks in a given year.

6.) Sharks sense of smell is so powerful that they can detect a single drop of blood in an olympic sized swimming pool! That being said, they do not react to human blood the way many people believe. Humans are not on their diet, and they have no interest in human blood. 

7.) There are nearly 50 different species of sharks that can glow in the dark!

8.) Female sharks can reproduce without any male contact whatsoever. This is a process called parthenogenesis! 

9.) Thresher sharks can flail their tails to stun prey, cracking it like a whip! The tail-whip also creates bubbles that can stun prey.

10.) Sharks have been around since before the dinosaurs! That makes their species over 400 million years old! 

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