Best Shark Costumes, Goodies and More!

Best Shark Costumes, Goodies and More!

Hey Shark Lovers, happy almost Halloween!

Since it’s almost Halloween I wanted to get into the spirit and dedicate this post to one of the best holidays! I’ve done some research on the best shark costumes, goodies and more. Links to each costume are below each photo!

Shark costumes for dogs/cats:

          Dog.costume#1                     dog.costume#2           dog.costume#3

Shark costumes for babies/toddlers:


baby/toddler.costume#1     baby/toddler.costume#2      baby/toddler.costume#3

Shark costumes for kids:


kids.costume#1                    kids.costume#2            kids.shark#3

Shark costumes for grown adults who are probably too old to trick-or-treat:


adult.costume#1                       adult.costume#2                    adult.costume#3

DIY shark costumes:

Shark treats (these are for shark week, but they’ll work for Halloween too!):

Along with costumes and yummy treats you can also incorporate educational shark documentaries into the festivities, because there’s nothing spookier than humans killing 100-200 million sharks every year.

Here are some great documentaries to watch:

Sharkwater (2006),  Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks (2015),  This Is Your Ocean: Sharks (2012), and Of Shark and Man (2015).

If you or anyone you know dresses up as a shark or makes any of those treats, please post it on Instagram and tag Respect the Fin and me (#nikkitenaglia). We would love to see all shark costumes and goodies!

Happy Halloween!



Written by: Nikki Tenaglia

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