Meet the Founder


Shira Margulies

Ever since I took my first scuba diving lesson at age 10, I fell in love with the ocean and the underwater world.   I was captivated by the dynamic variety of marine life that existed just below the surface, and I knew then that I would always make time to feed these interests.  I earned my first scuba certification later that year, and parlayed my interest further in the years that followed by obtaining more advanced certifications, embarking on various diving adventures and continuing to study marine biology in order to make it a viable career path. 

Respect the Fin is a project that I started that reflects my true passion for marine conservation. I created this brand in order to advocate for the protection of sharks, as well as educate the public on why we need them.

My first glimpse of the ocean made a lasting impression on me, and continues to drive my motivation to devote my energy to protecting the marine environment.